Flood Waters

family picture
A happy family. Those are light reactive prescription glasses; not dark sunglasses.

While Moses was able to part the Red Sea, my father wasn’t able to part Lake Pontchartrain. Yesterday we headed to the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain at Madisonville, La. to take some photographs of the abandoned/wrecked tugboat and the old lighthouse. What we didn’t know was that there had been a strong wind out of the southeast across the lake. Because of that, the last 3 miles or so of the road out to the lake and the parking lot at the end was under several inches of water.

My father, being my father, decided to drive out there anyway in his pickup truck. The nut does not fall far from my family tree.

While we were out at the lakeshore, the owners of a camp next to the parking area drove up in their Jeep. They graciously allowed up to come onto their property and take some awesome pictures of the lighthouse and the wrecked tug boat. I’ll post a gallery on Wednesday of some of our photographs.

After that, we piled back into the truck, drove through the water and headed to another picturesque spot, the Sunset Point Fishing Pier; just east of the Causeway Bridge in Mandeville, La. As we were driving out in the pickup truck, following another pickup truck and followed by a Jeep, a young man tried to drive onto the flooded road in a low slung Honda. That car would have probably floated away before the first few hundred meters along the road.

There were a few fishermen out at the fishin pier drowning some fishing line and a crazy kayaker scooting around the lake looking for a fishing spot. We also got to see a brown pelican feeding not far from the pier. Brown pelicans are special in Louisiana as they are depicted on the state flag and the Louisiana National Guard patch and are the official state bird of Louisiana.

From there we headed to the other end of the Mandeville lakeshore. On the other side of Bayou Castine from us there was an osprey roosting on one of the dead cypress trees. It was really neat to see it. In the spring, we’re going to head back there to hopefully see some bald eagles.

Marc practicing his craft and not exactly happy with Melissa and her phone camera. Remember Marc, Moms have to embarrass their children! đŸ™‚

Thankfully, and making my mother quite happy, the ride to the other two spots was not flooded like the first ride.

Marc took some great pictures. Like i’ve said many times, he has a great eye for photography. I will try to encourage him to keep this up.

Today we spent the day getting the back yard ready for Tropical Storm Gordon. Marc cut the grass, I trimmed around the house and the fence with a string trimmer and Melissa worked on putting the patio in shape for high winds. We also grilled some chicken and smoked sausage for dinner. Marc made his mother’s noodle salad. It was amazing. I was impressed. I’m going to keep letting him learn to cook.